Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Much has happened since my last post in the early part of 2011.  I often have these great ideas of keeping a diary or blog and it doesn't seem to go much past the thought of it.  I have these brain blocks that won't let the words of a full heart pass from my finger tips onto a keyboard and emerge into something worthy of reading.  So.... with much aggravation, I often give up on writing anything.  At any rate, I thought I might try again.

A few weeks ago, I quit my full time job working in an office struggling with boredom.  The thoughts of wasting a creative spirit and mind where forever playing in my thoughts.  I have these hopes and dreams of growing a photography business that is hanging on by a thread.  I have no formal education in a business background what so ever and trying to launch a home business in an over saturated field is to say the least, FRUSTRATING!!!   Even through the over whelming frustration, I am still hanging on.  I have to laugh out loud at that last comment because I am poignantly aware at the age of 50 that I am not getting any younger.  What am I thinking?   Every joint in my body hurts the day after a major shoot but the love and passion for the art keeps pressing me forward.  I continue to look for opportunities to grow in this trade and make an honest income.

I am bored and sometimes lonely and find myself  wallering in self pity so why not blog?  Why not take a moment of time to share the good and the not so good.  My intentions are to see more good then bad and sometimes through verbalizing it,  I am made keenly aware of my miscontrued thoughts.  I know beyound all measure that the most important thing is that I pray and I trust in what the Lord wants in my life.  He has not quenched the photography passion, so I press on.  Perhaps, I will just use it to journal my walk with Him.

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